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Sustainable and local can also be beautiful.

The story of The Green Market begins several years ago, founded on a strong friendship and a passion for sustainability and wellness.

Co-founders Tessa Cressman and Jenny Bence have combined their talents in design and food, respectively, to bring The Green Market to life. Jenny’s background in food as owner of The Green eatery, blended with Tessa’s creativity and passion for design, has fueled their mission from the very beginning. The two often discussed going into business together, ultimately deciding to expand The Green and its principles to create a grab-and-go storefront that incorporates all that Nantucket has to offer.

The summer season is a fantastic, bustling time on Nantucket, with many opportunities to buy and sell local goods. However, we have recognized the need for a year-round location for people to sell their products, and for visitors and residents alike to find what they need. We acknowledge that local vendors need a home for their products, just as much as visitors need a one-stop-shop option. Now more than ever, it is important to support small businesses. It is also imperative to our mission that our products are sourced in New England, featuring the best of Nantucket and beyond. It became our mission to support our community while presenting healthy, sustainable options in a unique way.

The Green Market combines a small marketplace environment with food products ranging from organic produce and baked goods to grab-and-go meals. The space is adorned with fresh flowers and plants, New England antiques, and exceptional household items. Completing The Green Market is a vast selection of clean beauty and skincare products from renowned brands such as OSEA and Tammy Fender.

We are thrilled to welcome you into The Green Market to support our community and shop for the best of Nantucket.

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4 India Street

Nantucket, MA


Monday - Saturday: 7:30AM - 5:30PM

Sunday: 8:00AM -2:00PM

Tessa Cressman, co-founder

Born-and-raised islander Tessa Cressman has created a space celebrating everything that makes Nantucket special.

She attended art and culinary school on the mainland, and returned to Nantucket 10 years ago to work as a pastry chef and pilates instructor. As time went on, Tessa dreamed of contributing something new to the Nantucket marketplace - particularly in a year-round setting to support local residents.

Tessa’s design talents have allowed her to reimagine and refresh a prime location on India Street, creating an elegant, eclectic storefront. She is grateful for the support of her fellow Nantucketers, and is excited to welcome in visitors and residents to shop Nantucket’s finest.

Jenny Bence, co-founder

Nantucket native, Jenny Bence, began serving organic, local food at her café and eatery, The Green, back in 2010. She started baking at only eight years old, and developed her culinary skills over the years. Her passion has led to several successful businesses, including The Green, The Green Taco Truck, and her own catering service.

Jenny intentionally sources local foods as often as possible, with freshness and simplicity inspiring her diverse menus. She utilizes amazing, yet simple ingredients and presents them in a beautiful way. Providing healthy, delicious, and accessible options in a convenient, year-round location was a natural next step for Jenny, and we are thrilled to feature her talents as an integral part of The Green Market.

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